Monday, February 27, 2012


Do you include it as one of  your prepping essentials? Salt has so many uses people should try to keep at least 10 lbs. I personally keep 10lbs of reg iodized salt and 10lbs pickling salt. I don;t think that many people give salt much thought when it comes to storing and specific quantity. Below I will list my uses for salt, I hope these help you out also.

Some of the uses for salt in a prepping/survival situation.
Curing Meat-Included smoking
Food seasoning-(no brainer)
Mouth rinses (sore throats)
Drying hides
Preserving other foods such as in canning.
Used in egg freshness
Can be used as an aticeptic

There are far more uses for just around the house. As you can see, salt, to me is one of the most overlooked essentials for the survival/prepper. It can also be used as a barter tool if it came down to it.

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