Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DIY's and an Update

DIY Fabric Softener


     After making and using my own laundry soap for almost a year now, I decided to venture out there and see if there were any alternatives for fabric softener. After doing a bunch of research I decided to give it a try. What I found was that vinegar is even more awesome than I had thought. Not only does it have uses that I had not known about, it even made great fabric softener!!

Here is how I make DIY fabric softener:
6 Cups Hot water
6 Cups Vinegar
1 Cup Hair Conditioner (yes like you use in the shower)

Add the Hot water and the conditioner together and shake in a container well till it is all dissolved. Then add in the vinegar and shake well. Use the same amount that you would normally either in a softener dispensing ball or add to wash on the rinse like usual.

 A Quick Update

     I am going to do a bit of an update today. It has been nearly a year now since I started making my own laundry soap. I have to be honest here folks, after this amount of time, I have spent a total of $12.38 on the materials to make my families own laundry soap since February!!! Yes you read that right, $12.38 considering I do, on average 10 loads a week, that is a true savings for my family!! After the whole time I have not noticed our clothes being "not clean" or having "bad" smells to be honest, the clothes have no smell when they come out of the washer.

As always I appreciate all of the loyal people that come to my blog and follow it!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Canning Tomatoes

I know that a while back I wrote some on canning tomatoes. I finally broke down and made a quick video on how I do it. The way you do it could work just fine for you and if it does that is awesome!! All in all I have done 29 quarts so far this year, it didn't cost me much since I already had all of the jars already, just had to buy the lids. If you would like to watch the video please do so. If it is able to help just one person then it was well worth the embarrassment. I am sorry about the extreme close-ups at times on it. This was my first venture into making a video like this.

Canning Tomatoes

Since my youtube account is different from my blogger account, I had to do it in link form, sorry about that!

If there is anything that you would like a video done on please leave me a comment and I would be happy to try and do one!