Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Time

Those of you that have followed my posts for the last couple of years, you know that I do not strictly stick to survival. I have done things on canning, cold storage and different things also. I try to write about things that people can use in a practical sense.

I am going to be doing a series in the next little while on gardening. Yes, I know that most people can plant a seed, give it a bit of water and watch it grow. What I will do in this series is offer some tips and tricks on making your garden so it is not as hard on YOU to do.

Lets start off with something easy like onions. Did you know that you can have green onions all year long no matter where you live by planting them in the house in a planter? Yes, you sure can here is the proof:

Keep in mind that these are only about a week and a half old. There are a couple different methods to growing these little gems all year long. One of which is the obvious, getting enough seed to last you the year and just use and replant. The other, which I do normally but couldn't this time do to the fact that the ends were accidentally thrown away. You will have to forgive me, I do not have a picture of the ends that I have replanted in the past. I will remember to take one when I replant these.

In order to replant onions once you have harvested them, simply cut from the root end about a half an inch up (leaving the roots and a half in of the bottom of the onion). Once you have cut the bottoms, place them in a bowl of room temperature water to rehydrate them for about 15 minutes. After you have gotten the ends re-hydrated, simply replant them. I have done this as many as 6 times.

If chives are what you are looking for, just let the onions grow and simply cut off the green stem part down towards the bottom and they will regrow.

If there is something in particular that you would like to see an article about, feel free to leave me a comment and I will do my best to get one done for you!

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