Monday, November 7, 2011

Winter Driving Kits

People from the big cities should head this and take it seriously. How many of your friends live in a warmer climate but go to the mountains to ski or to just get away? Do any of them actually go prepared for an emergency or a blizzard? Like it says in my profile, I will tell things like it is, I will tell them as I see them. This post in particular is not meant to offend anyone at all. How many times have we traveled the roads and seen some yuppie broke down or in a ditch or stuck in the snow? How many of them are really prepared, I would venture to guess not very damn many of them. Take for instance, the late winter of 2011 that hit Chicago. There were and estimated 700 people stranded on Lake Shore Dr. How many of them even gave it a second thought to keep water, or even some food in the car with them? Another thing to remember, NO matter the vehicle with all that metal surrounding you it will act like a ice box in cold weather, if you can not run the engine, it will be very cold in there.

Winter Kits and Why
Food: such as Granola, candy bars and dehydrated fruits will keep for a bit longer than most things and do not need to be cooked to eat and provide a decent amount of nourishment.

Water: There is no need to go out and buy bottled water to keep in your trunk or behind your truck seat. Most people drink soda, so why not buy a couple of 2 liter bottles wash them out good and refill them.

First Aid Kit: If you are stranded in bad weather, it could take a long time for medical help to get to you, bandages, gauze and medical tape will help you out until medical services can get to you.

Booster or Jumper Cables: You should have a set of these in every vehicle regardless of the time of year. I Don't think I should have to explain why.:)

Extra Blankets or a Sleeping Bag: If you travel with your family depending on the size you may have to bring more than one. this can be one of the more important items in your kit. If you get suck in the snow and you are low on gas ( which you shouldn't be) a sleeping bag will allow your gas to last far longer than if you didnt have one.

A small shovel: There are many uses for this, such as, digging your self out if you are stuck. you can also use it to clean out around the exhaust of your vehicle to keep from getting covered thus reducing your chance for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cat litter: I say cat litter over sand for a couple reasons, one is the particles are bigger and you will get better traction over sand. Also in case you have a cat with you ( ok just kidding) Because Cat litter is bigger, it is also much easier to clean up if you gets broke open or it spills.

Flash Light: I prefer to use a rechargeable flash light with a regular battery flash light as a back up. You could use it to signal someone in a rescue situation, for light obviously.

Infant care Items: If you travel with small children, keep them in mind, a few extra diapers and a change of clothes should also be added over and beyond an normal diaper bag.

Extra clothing items: These should be hats, gloves and boots.

A can of Fix a Flat: A can that you can temporarily repair a flat tire.

You should always keep your gas tank full when venturing out in the winter time, not only will it give you more piece of mind, but keeping your tank full will also reduce the chances of moisture build up in the tank. As with all of my tips these are not set in stone, I give you what my kits and strategies are for all kinds of survival, you may have to tailor to your individual needs.

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